2017: The Year in Photos

The past year was a bit strange for us as we traveled much less than we usually do. We made it to eight countries (not counting the U.S.) including only one we hadn't been to [...]

Viking’s Rhine River Cruise Top Shore Excursions

We sailed on a Viking River Cruise Rhine cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam. The cruise itself, plus the optional shore excursions were great.

Berlin Arts Walk with Context

Considering Germany's history of lens and camera craftsmanship, it's not surprising to find great photography galleries in Berlin. Berlin’s a city begging to be recognized for something other than its cold war history. [...]

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Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

If you landed on this page to see what time it is in Minneapolis, Click this link. If you want to see some nice photos, scroll down What is below is a catalog of my [...]

Seasoned Traveler Finds European Adventure with Competitours

Sherry and Vanessa toast to the next challenge: destination unknown. Last year we wrote about a company that calls its competitive European mystery tours “SightDoing” rather than sightseeing. This year, a competitor from [...]

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The Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam, Germany

The view of the living room, via one of the many mirrors. The Sans Souci Palace in Potsdam, outside Berlin, was the "getaway" for King Frederick the Great of Prussia. The pressure of [...]

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Statue of Roland, Riga, Latvia

The Riga version of the mythic hero Roland. Roland was a close confidant of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and died at the Battle of Roncevaux in 778. He was immortalized in the [...]

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