Road Trip between Music Cities: Tennessee’s Natchez Trace

The beauty of a curvy road through forests, without intersections. We knew we’d have fun and hear some great music in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. But the road trip in between, along Tennessee’s [...]

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Marais Mansions of Paris: A neighborhood walking tour

It’s not that the Marais neighborhood of Paris is new or anything. Its heyday was from the 16-18th Centuries. But for being so close to the main tourist routes of central Paris, it has a [...]

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The New Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

The beautifully carved choir. Walnut, if I'm not mistaken. And this feature alone must have taken many sculptors many years to complete. The "New" Cathedral of Salamanca is, as the name suggests, one [...]

Shanghai: A Tour of China’s Accelerated City

Watching Shanghai's accelerated growth, as seen from the World Financial Center (the bottle opener) with the striking Jin Mao Tower in the foreground. Shanghai is frequently described as the New York City of [...]

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Tomb of Christopher Columbus, Sevilla, Spain

No matter what you might think of Christopher Columbus, or Cristobal Colón, as he's known in Spain, you have to admit that he is perhaps the person who most affected the history of the world–for [...]

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Nova Scotia: History, Cuisine, and Natural Beauty

St. Ann's Bay along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia offers its own brand of history, cuisine, natural beauty, and recreation. It wasn’t an hour off the Digby Ferry [...]

Site of Acadian Exile, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia

The statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's character, Evangeline, from the poem of that name about the exile of the Acadians from their Nova Scotia home. L’Acadie, (English: Acadia) established in 1604, was the [...]

Finding Montreal’s Identity in Old Neighborhoods

The Banq National Archives building was initially a business school established in 1871 in a humbler building facing the street behind this. Montreal can be a bit mysterious to the visitor from the [...]

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