Kizhi Island, Russia, a Unesco World Heritage Site

The island of Kizhi is a museum of the old ways. The fields are now cultivated as an exhibit. It's hard to imagine a tourist getting to Kizhi Island in Russia other than [...]

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Russia River Cruise: St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Waterways of the Tsars

A river cruise in Russia offers great opportunities to get to know Russian culture, history, and people from St. Petersburg to Moscow and along the "Waterway of the Tsars" in between.

Churches and Other Images of Yaroslavl, Russia

The center of Yaroslavl is a Unesco World Heritage site. In Russia, it's the only city other than Saint Petersburg where the entire center of the city has that designation.

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Viking’s Rhine River Cruise Top Shore Excursions

We sailed on a Viking River Cruise Rhine cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam. The cruise itself, plus the optional shore excursions were great.

Shanghai: A Tour of China’s Accelerated City

Watching Shanghai's accelerated growth, as seen from the World Financial Center (the bottle opener) with the striking Jin Mao Tower in the foreground. Shanghai is frequently described as the New York City of [...]

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Starting Out: A Viking River Cruise in China

No matter how many pictures one sees of the Great Wall, it is irresistible when seen in person. Our view. It’s complicated summing up a trip like our recent travels to China. When [...]

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National Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

The interior of one of the wooden churches of the Maramures region that was transplanted to Bucharest. One of the best things about the Viking River Cruises we've taken are the tours organized [...]

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