Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

This is a catalog, of sorts, of my travel photography exhibit at Icebox Gallery in Minneapolis, March 25-July 29, 2017. Hours are Thursday-Friday from 10-6, and Saturdays from 12-5. The gallery is also open by [...]

Golden Hour Interview in Bali

Children carrying the early morning offerings to school. Travel Writers Radio, based in Melbourne, Australia, recently talked with Kris about our "Golden Hour" tour with Mr. Agung Rai of the ARMA Museum and [...]

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Rice Field at Dusk, Ubud, Bali

I've been thinking a lot about Asia lately. We spent a few months there in 2011-12, and other than an isolated six week trip to Japan in 2013, haven't been back. Perhaps this is the [...]

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Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour is a travel photography contest sponsored by The Travel Supermarket. They're a British company, hence the spelling of color. The idea is to enter five photos, each illustrating a striking color. I've [...]

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The Subak System: Rice Growing in Bali

Rice temple ceremony, blessing the water (December 2011, Ubud, Bali) For over a thousand years, the cycle of rice growing in Bali has been managed through water temples, organized by watershed districts. The [...]

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Black Duck, Bali Rice Field

Part of the ancient art of Bali rice field cultivation includes a flock of ducks who live in each paddy. Besides providing the daily eggs which a farmer can sell for extra money, they eat [...]

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Souvenir Sales at the Mother Temple, Bali

At the Mother Temple in Bali, women waited patiently in the drizzle for the buses full of tourists to unload before offering the tourists their wares.

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Old Men Waiting for Cremation Ceremony, Ubud, Bali

While waiting for the cremation ceremony to begin in Ubud, I wandered through the nearby temple. I asked these men if I could take their picture. The one on the right said, "Two dollars." I [...]

Sunset, Ubud, Bali

Our hosts in Bali took us to a fire dance our first night on the island. While the dance was commencing, most of the spectators turned around to look at this. When people ask me [...]

A Monkey and her Baby Wait for Handouts in Ubud, Bali

When you walk through the monkey forest at the end of Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, Bali hang on to your belongings or you may find yourself negotiating with a simian for the return of [...]