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50 of Our Favorite Photos of 2016

It was a bit of an odd year for us in 2016. While we did some trips around the Midwest in the first half of the year (and Kris went to Baja California by herself) we didn’t do much until June. Two reasons for that: we bought a small condo in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to […]

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The Night Skyline, Shanghai, China

If you can stand all the pushing and shoving of the millions walking along The Bund in Shanghai, you can get up to the riverside rail and get a photo of the colorful and architecturally distinguished modern Shanghai skyline. It’s right out of Blade Runner, if you ask me. The moisture, the pollution, the noodles, […]

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Newer buildings loom over a neoclassic edifice along the Bund in Shanghai

Shanghai: A Tour of China’s Accelerated City

Shanghai is frequently described as the New York City of China. People say Shanghai is to Beijing as NYC is to Washington, D.C. The comparison works. Shanghai is a port city, straddling the Huangpu River which empties into the Yangtze. So it’s open, airy, and brighter than Beijing, with about a 100% chance of less […]

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shanghai-the-bund-night china

The Bund on a Holiday Night, Shanghai, China

The view from the Fairmont Hotel, Shanghai, down the river promenade known as The Bund. It was holiday week in China, and there were an estimated 5 million Chinese tourists in Shanghai. That’s on top of the 24 million who live there. And, as you can see from the photo, most of them were taking […]

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Historic Beijing

Tour Beijing’s Past and Future in Hutong Alleys

If you just pass through Beijing for a couple days to visit the major tourist sites, you might miss a fascinating story unfolding in this city, the story of transformation and change. The old neighborhoods and alleyways, called hutongs, display the city’s deep history, expose pieces of the evolving communities, and reveal Beijing’s quick run […]

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