2017: The Year in Photos

The past year was a bit strange for us as we traveled much less than we usually do. We made it to eight countries (not counting the U.S.) including only one we hadn't been to [...]

Berlin Arts Walk with Context

Considering Germany's history of lens and camera craftsmanship, it's not surprising to find great photography galleries in Berlin. Berlin’s a city begging to be recognized for something other than its cold war history. [...]

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The Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam, Germany

The view of the living room, via one of the many mirrors. The Sans Souci Palace in Potsdam, outside Berlin, was the "getaway" for King Frederick the Great of Prussia. The pressure of [...]

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Shopping Area, Off Kurfurstendamm, Berlin

One of the best things about Berlin is the mixture of striking modern architecture with the old, mostly Baroque buildings that survived, or were restored, after World War II. We stayed at the Kempinski Hotel, [...]

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Breuer Chair Display, Bauhaus Archive, Berlin

The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin is a small museum, but chock full of examples of the work of Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Herbert Bayer, and, of course, the chairs of Marcel Breuer. [...]

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