Berlin Arts Walk with Context

Considering Germany's history of lens and camera craftsmanship, it's not surprising to find great photography galleries in Berlin. Berlin’s a city begging to be recognized for something other than its cold war history. [...]

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What’s New in Florence Museums?

Changing exhibits, illuminated texts, mummy hands, and musical instruments are just some of our new discoveries in Florence. I never feel like I've seen it all, and I never feel like leaving this ever-evolving city.

Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea, California

Salvation Mountain is the creation of a man named Leonard Knight, who, the legend says, had a vision. There is no doubt that the painted mountain itself, along with various decorated vehicles and other detritus which surround it, is a folk art masterpiece.

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East Jesus, California: a Short, Strange Trip

East Jesus is a museum. But, it's unlike any museum you've seen before. It's what most people think of as an art installation, an art oasis, or a performance space. East Jesus calls its exhibit space an "Art Garden."

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Five Reasons the Prado in Madrid is the Best Museum in Europe

Descent from the Cross, by Roger van der Weyden, ca. 1435 A great museum is one that has great works, ones that stand out. Ones that make up the high points of a [...]

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The Roman Ruins of Arles, France

Arles, France is a lovely city for many reasons. Perhaps the best is that Vincent Van Gogh lived there for a year near the end of his career and painted some of his most famous [...]

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Cézanne’s Mountain, Aix en Provence, France

Late in his life in Aix en Provence, the painter Paul Cézanne painted Mount Sainte Victoire dozens of times. It was just up the hill from his studio, and he frequently made the walk up [...]

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Our 2014 Travels in 50 Photos

2014 was our biggest year of traveling yet. We visited 19 countries, including a long driving trip in the western United States. We saw, in order, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, [...]

Duomo Demons, Florence, Italy

There's a lot of debate about the Vasari paintings that cover Florence. I think the safest thing to say about Giorgio Vasari was that he was a better businessman than a painter. He got the [...]

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