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Occasionally we partner with tourism boards and travel brands to share stories about destinations, products, or services. Sometimes we are compensated as part of these partnerships. This compensation may take many forms, including transportation, lodging, gear for review, or monetary compensation

However we may be compensated, we always give you an unbiased account of our travels. Any deal we make with any destination or brand includes our disclaimer to them: They don't get to tell us what to write or photograph.

Everyone we work with is told this up front. If they are unwilling to accept this, we don't accept their offer. We can always go somewhere else. Or even stay home and play with our grandchildren.

Affiliate Links

You will sometimes find affiliate links throughout our site. When we included those links, the price of the product is the same for you, but we receive a small commission if you buy through that link.

We never link to nor endorse a product or service we don't have personal experience with and are confident to recommend to you. Your trust is of utmost importance to us.

The United States Federal Trade Commission essentially requires that all advertising that is not inherently obvious, i.e. so-called “native” advertising, be disclosed to the readers. That's what we're doing here. Please take special care buying from other sites who do not make these disclosures.

Our Current Affiliates

As of May 2019, Travel Past 50 works with as an affiliate with the following advertisers. As we said above, if you purchase anything through our links to these companies, we receive a small commission which helps support this site. Our principal affiliates are:
Amazon.com. (Amazon requires us to say the following: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.)
Allianz Travel Insurance

We also partner with a few other smaller sites.

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