The Viñales Valley, Cuba

Sunset at the Viñales Valley. The Viñales Valley of Cuba is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its natural beauty, its unusual geology, and its history as a cultivated landscape [...]

El Condor Mountain, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

One of the benefits of hiking all around Argentina's Tierra del Fuego (aside from learning to like wet feet) is the consistent vistas of water, rock, and snowy mountains. The southern spring provides plenty of [...]

Dry River Bed, Outside Salta, Argentina

A drive into the high desert from Salta, Argentina tells you why it's called a desert. Although the Andes mountains in the far distance are still covered with spring snow, down here, a hundred kilometers [...]

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High Desert, near Salta, Argentina

The high Andean desert on the road between Salta and Cachi, Argentina. This particular view is from the Cuesta del Obispo, the hill of the bishop. According to the story, a 16th Century bishop traversed [...]

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Riverboat on the Mississippi, Hannibal, Missouri

We only made a very brief stop in Hannibal, Missouri on our way to Nashville. Obviously, it was Mark Twain who attracted us, and so we immediately made our way from our hotel two blocks [...]

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Japanese Beetles, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Ok, this is not exactly travel photography. But it is sort of landscape photography. If the landscape is the potted plants hanging on the porch rail outside my apartment. And, hey, they're Japanese beetles. And [...]

10 Postcards from a Brittany, France Bike Tour

Our first extended bike tour in our seven years of travel was a most enjoyable one arranged by Exodus Travels around the coast of Brittany. Kris has done most of the writing about what we [...]