The New Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

The "New" Cathedral of Salamanca is, as the name suggests, one of the newer massive cathedrals of Spain. Begun in the early 1500s, it was not consecrated until 1733, over 200 years later.

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The Cathedral of Toledo, Spain

The crucifix above the altar of the Toledo Cathedral As in most Spanish and Italian cities, the cathedral is the city center. The Toledo Cathedral is no exception. Pretty much the entire city [...]

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What’s New in Florence Museums?

Changing exhibits, illuminated texts, mummy hands, and musical instruments are just some of our new discoveries in Florence. I never feel like I've seen it all, and I never feel like leaving this ever-evolving city.

A Brief Stop in Breisach, Germany

The beautiful altarpiece, by the master H.L. His initials survived along with his altarpiece from the 15th Century. Unfortunately, his name did not. One of the disappointments of visiting Germany for a church [...]

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The Windows of the Regensburg Cathedral

The altar and apse windows of the Regensburg Cathedral. Luckily not destroyed by allied bombers in World War II. The window featuring the Virgin in blue over the side altar at Regensburg. [...]

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The Fantastic Painting of Matthias Church, Budapest

The main altar, framed by fantastic painting. The Matthias Church at the top of the Buda castle hill has been through many iterations since the first church was built on the site in [...]

Monastery de les Avellanes, Lleida, Spain

This small round window is a charming break in the imposing, thick, wall of the chapel. The Monastery of the Avellanes (hazel nut trees-which were grown on the monastery grounds) is a bit [...]

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The Transparente, Cathedral of Toledo, Spain

The baroque riot leads your eye right up to heaven. The first time we visited the Cathedral of Toledo so many years ago, it was only the third Gothic cathedral we'd seen. Westminster [...]