The New Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

The beautifully carved choir. Walnut, if I'm not mistaken. And this feature alone must have taken many sculptors many years to complete. The "New" Cathedral of Salamanca is, as the name suggests, one [...]

Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

This is a catalog, of sorts, of my travel photography exhibit at Icebox Gallery in Minneapolis, March 25-July 29, 2017. Hours are Thursday-Friday from 10-6, and Saturdays from 12-5. The gallery is also open by [...]

2016 Books and Beds

Jackson Street Booksellers, Omaha In this second annual round-up of the books I’ve read and the beds I’ve slept in, I gotta admit I’m cutting corners on the reading list. Every year, I [...]

50 of Our Favorite Photos of 2016

It was a bit of an odd year for us in 2016. While we did some trips around the Midwest in the first half of the year (and Kris went to Baja California by herself) [...]

The Aljafería Palace, Zaragoza, Spain

Looking through the Moorish columns at the main garden and courtyard. After the reconquest of Zaragoza in the early 12th Century, the Aljafería, the palace of the Moorish king of Zaragoza, was transformed [...]

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Tomb of Christopher Columbus, Sevilla, Spain

No matter what you might think of Christopher Columbus, or Cristobal Colón, as he's known in Spain, you have to admit that he is perhaps the person who most affected the history of the world–for [...]

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