Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

This is a catalog, of sorts, of my travel photography exhibit at Icebox Gallery in Minneapolis, March 25-July 29, 2017. Hours are Thursday-Friday from 10-6, and Saturdays from 12-5. The gallery is also open by [...]

Discovering European Capitals of Culture

Museum of Alchemy in Prague, a European Capital of Culture in 2000 Since 1985, the European Commission has been designating one or two cities per year as European Capitals of Culture (ECOC). That’s [...]

Our 2014 Travels in 50 Photos

2014 was our biggest year of traveling yet. We visited 19 countries, including a long driving trip in the western United States. We saw, in order, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, [...]

Ceiling, Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, Wroclaw, Poland

The ceiling of the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus in Wroclaw, Poland is a cacophony of color, which is putting sort of mildly. One wonders what goes on in the mind of artists [...]

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The Centennial Hall, Wroclaw, Poland

We make a point of visiting all Unesco World Heritage sites that are within easy reach of where we are. So, we took a bus from our central Wroclaw hotel out to the Centennial Hall [...]

Visiting the Auschwitz and Birkenau Nazi Death Camps, Poland

Arbeit Macht Frei. Work will set you free. The comforting lie that greeted the new prisoners as they entered the camp. It dawned one of those sniveling gray days we’ve gotten used to [...]

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St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow, Poland

Every so often, you walk into a church, expecting nothing special. And then you get something like this. St. Mary's Basilica on the Main Square of Krakow is simply, one of the most beautifully decorated [...]