The Cave Churches, and More, of Matera, Italy

Matera at twilight on a drizzly evening. The lights provide the only color, and this was the only view of Matera we got on the first night. Matera, in the province of Basilicata, [...]

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Unesco World Heritage Sites in Russia

This is a list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Russia, with links to posts about the ones we have visited. Russia has 28 Unesco World Heritage sites.

Where to Stay and Eat in Puglia

Stay a little longer in Puglia and get to know the local food and wine, neighborhoods, and daily routines from the comfort of your home base.

Things We Loved (and Didn’t Love) on Our Italy Bike Tour through Puglia

Our cycling in Italy covered seven days. During that time we slept in seven different towns and managed to average 55 kilometers a day (35 miles/day), for a total of over 350K, or 200-plus miles. We loved the biking and the great introduction to Puglia.

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The Porticoes of Bologna, Italy

The historic center of Bologna contains more than 38 kilometers, or 24 miles, of covered walkways called porticoes. The porticoes are on the tentative list to be designated as a Unesco World Heritage site.

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A Visit to Visby, Sweden

We're complete suckers for Unesco World Heritage sites, so it was a no-brainer to extend our visit to Sweden long enough to ferry from Stockholm to the island of Gotland to visit the beautiful medieval city of Visby.

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Kronborg Castle, Helsingor, Denmark

Kronborg Castle in Helsingor. You can imagine the ghost of Hamlet, Senior walking the walls. You'll also have to imagine it's night. Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark, immortalized in Shakespeare's Hamlet as Elsinore, [...]

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Sepulchre of Frederick II, Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark

The beautiful decoration of the tomb of Denmark's King Frederick II shows through the whitewash. The Roskilde Cathedral (Domkirke) of the ancient capital of Denmark is the first Gothic cathedral to be built [...]

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