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50 of Our Favorite Photos of 2016

It was a bit of an odd year for us in 2016. While we did some trips around the Midwest in the first half of the year (and Kris went to Baja California by herself) we didn’t do much until June. Two reasons for that: we bought a small condo in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to […]

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Election Day with Arthur-1

Standing in Place: Back Home from Travel

For more than six years, we’ve been ‘location independent,’ traveling constantly all over the world, without a home or even a home base. I’ve never in these six years completely unpacked my suitcase and I’ve proudly identified myself as a full time traveler. I don’t take these years for granted. Being free of stuff is […]

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american flag door taos pueblo 2

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, Black and White

I’ve already written a bit about Taos Pueblo in an earlier photo post so I don’t need to repeat myself. It’s an interesting place because the Native Americans who live there have done so for hundreds of years. It’s not a reservation in the sense that they were forced onto this land after losing the […]

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taos pueblo stockade new mexico bw

Stockade, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

I think this photo of a fence at Taos Pueblo looks better in black and white. What do you think? Here’s the color version to help you decide. Taos Pueblo, btw, is a centuries-old Indian community. In many spots, it’s amazingly preserved for buildings made, essentially, of mud. The same people live here who lived […]

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yellow flowers horse mesa ranch nm

Yellow Flowers, Horse Mesa Ranch, Raton, New Mexico

We’re visiting again our old friend Forbes on his Horse Mesa Ranch in northeast New Mexico. It’s a burgeoning tradition that we mount the ATVs and drive straight up the wall to the high plateau, where you can get a 360 degree view of the landscape you’re on, and beyond–all the way into Colorado. It […]

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Visit Philadelphia with a Local: Audio

Wondering what to do in Philadelphia, besides mop up after the Democratic National Convention?  We are kicking off a new series of interviews with friends about their hometowns. Since we are always hoping to get helpful hints about cities before we visit–and we are frequently asked for tips and recommendations about specific cities–we figured we’d […]

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lobby durham museum omaha

30 Hours in Omaha: A City Break

Let’s just list the things most people associate with Omaha: Omaha Steaks, Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway, the College World Series. That’s three. Maybe, if you think about it, you’d also conjure up the Missouri River or the Union Pacific railroad, Joslyn Art Museum or Creighton University. We know a lot of travelers […]

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