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2018 year in review; winter adventure
At the top of Åre Mountain in Sweden, where it's easy to love winter and adventure–and work with Adventure Sweden

Working with Travel Past 50

Thanks for your interest in Travel Past 50. We know you are here because you want to contribute to or advertise with, and we appreciate that.

Since we field dozens of offers every week, it’s important to us to provide clear responses to serious queries. This page is designed to save everyone time, and to protect the integrity of our work and yours. Please read our guidelines carefully, and if your request falls outside of our parameters, don’t bother to try to convince us otherwise.

Our editorial mission

Travel Past 50's editorial mission is to inspire and ease travel among the older generation (over age 50) by offering our firsthand travel stories and photos, our personal research and reporting, and our tried and true travel tips.

Guest posts

As our mission statement demonstrates, we produce nearly all of our content ourselves. We have run only a handful of guest posts, and those are from writers/photographers/travelers we know personally. Even so, we only consider (or assign) a guest post when we want to develop a content area with broader expertise than our own. If you don’t already see related content on our site, chances are the topic is off the mark.

We do not accept guest posts from for-profit companies or their representatives. Please refer to sponsored posts or advertising opportunities below.

We are not interested in stories related to old age, nursing care, finances, grief or loss. This is a travel blog.

Sponsored Posts

On a very limited basis, we accept sponsored posts which are, in all cases, written by us to assure a consistent editorial tone. Sponsored posts are considered only when the topic (destination or product) fits our editorial direction and matches our personal experience. This is at our sole discretion.

Sponsored posts run approximately 800-1200 words with 3-4 photos and may include two no-follow links to the sponsor’s site. Usually, a sponsored post is packaged with an agreed upon social media boost of the post. Pricing is based on story length, photography, and the described social media follow-up.

Every sponsored post will be clearly marked as a paid/sponsored post with a standard disclaimer, according to legal guidelines and best journalism practices.

If you are interested in a sponsored post, please email us with your specific idea for the post. A vague “I'd like a sponsored post” email will probably be ignored.

We do not accept sponsored posts about gambling or all-inclusive resorts, among other topics.

Paid Links

Occasionally we provide paid no-follow links to advertisers within our existing editorial content, when there is an appropriate fit. We allow no more than two no-follow links within a given story and all links are sold for a ONE YEAR (renewable) term. Posts updated with a paid link will be promoted via our normal social media channels.

We reserve the right to accept or reject link clients at our sole discretion, and without explanation. We look for partners who will enhance the readers’ experience and match our editorial sensibilities. We do not accept gambling or all-inclusive resort advertising, for example.

Other advertising

eNewsletter. Contact us about our fast-growing Travel Past 50 newsletter. Please inquire about annual sponsorships of the newsletter for a chance to speak directly to Travel Past 50’s most attentive readers. Sign up for our email newsletter at

Display ads. While we do not currently accept display ads on the website, we do recognize our ongoing partners within our media kit pages.

Product sampling. Travel Past 50 accepts sample products or books on a select basis, but only when we know we can utilize the product and seamlessly integrate coverage (probably in a product round-up post) on our site.

Marketing Partnerships

Our expertise is in target marketing and professional content creation. Custom advertising and sponsorship packages might include:

  • Content creation for the advertiser’s site (photos and/or text)
  • Social media influence
  • Directed content on TravelPast50
  • Ambassador PR services (including public appearances, guest posts, social media take-overs, etc.)
  • Product testing
  • Reported firsthand travel experiences
  • Custom consulting

In some cases, we connect our partners with other specific influencers or groups of influencers to maximize reach and engagement. All marketing partners are recognized on our website and in our newsletters.

Please inquire about our custom partnerships.

Thanks for contacting us at Travel Past 50. You can learn more about our brand of travel writing, photography, and media services here in our Media Kit, or read more about us here.

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