A Land-Based Tour of the Galapagos

Our land-based Galapagos tour informed us about the history of humans on the islands and the ongoing efforts to balance tourism with conservation. Still, we had plenty of time in and on the water and hiking in the interior.

Welcome to the Jungle: the Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Traveling through Ecuador from Quito to the Mindo cloud forest can be both breathtaking and discouraging. I'll get to the breathtaking part later, but I wouldn't be honest about how beautiful Ecuador can be if I didn't also mention that it can be damn ugly, too.

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Images from the Mindo Cloud Forest, Milpe, Ecuador

I chased this guy around for a while before I caught him landing and spreading his wings. I do love this shot of the blue butterfly in the Mindo cloud forest, Milpe, Ecuador. [...]

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2017: The Year in Photos

The past year was a bit strange for us as we traveled much less than we usually do. We made it to eight countries (not counting the U.S.) including only one we hadn't been to [...]

Images From a So-called Coup, Quito, Ecuador

Che Guevara t-shirt wearing revolutionaries take a break. When we lived in Ecuador six years ago, we woke up one day to a police strike. Not that you could tell when the police were [...]

Climbing Pichincha Volcano, Quito, Ecuador

Storms make the best pictures, and the worst hiking. When you say "I'm going for a hike" in Quito, there are basically two kinds: the relatively level type through the city, where you [...]

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Folk Dancing on a Sunday Afternoon, Quito

If you wander around the colonial district of Quito on any weekend day, you're almost bound to run into some amateur music or folk dancing troupe doing their thing. This was one of four such [...]

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A Politician Harangues the Crowd, Quito, Ecuador

During a day when the government of Ecuador was in doubt, a supporter of the President spoke to the crowd gathered outside the presidential palace in Quito. When we were in Ecuador, there was an [...]

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Alleged Attempted Coup, Quito, Ecuador

These three turned up in the Plaza Grande of Quito on October 1, 2010 to demonstrate their support for President Rafael Correa, the day after Correa orchestrated an incident that purported to be a coup [...]

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