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Surprises Along the W: Trekking Patagonia’s Torres del Paine

I realize now that trekking the ‘W’ in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park was something I should have been better prepared for. So when I heard recently that World Expeditions was looking for #BestMountainTrek stories and personal experiences in Patagonia, these memories of our haphazard planning and some of the surprises we encountered came […]

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The Great Wall Near Beijing, China

It’s hard to say anything original about the Great Wall of China, other than according to some astronauts’ accounts I’ve read, you really can’t see it from space. The Great Wall, especially the Badaling section near Beijing where we went today, is like pretty much everywhere else we’ve been in China–teeming with tourists. But luckily […]

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Two Temples in Taipei

It’s an odd quirk of the Unesco World Heritage system that there are no World Heritage sites in Taiwan. It’s politics, you see. According to China, Taiwan is China. (Of course, according to Taiwan, Taiwan is the Republic of China.) So, in Unesco’s eyes, they can’t name any sites in Taiwan as World Heritage sites, […]

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