beagle strait tierra del fuego argentina

Trying to describe Tierra del Fuego in words can go two directions. Either you can sort of give up and just use photos. Or you can write a book. I take the former. Our Tierra del Fuego guide, Juan Ronco and his partner Federico Ezequiel Gargiulo, went the other direction. Of course they made an epic hike into the wilderness. And we only did a few pretty easy day hikes. Not sure I’m up to the epic approach, but I will heartily embrace the photo approach.

el condor tierra del fuego argentina

El Condor Mountain, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

One of the benefits of hiking all around Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego (aside from learning to like wet feet) is the consistent vistas of water, rock, and snowy mountains. The southern spring provides plenty of snow and water–and lovely clouds–to make your landscape even more inviting. Even in warm spring, bring layers, because the weather […]

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Adventure Travel Trends: Our evolving travel style confirmed by research

The more we travel, the more we seem to arrange our trips around adventure travel–itineraries with activities leading us into wilderness or protected areas and connecting with local communities. We’ve morphed into more active travelers gradually–and before seeing new research on adventure travel. Over our past seven nomadic years, we’ve engaged in a wide range […]

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Adventure Travel World Summit

Adventure Travel World Summit: Environment, Local Communities, and the year 2041

Regularly, we wonder what the heck we’re doing. What’s the point of our travels, other than entertaining and edifying ourselves? What’s our purpose in working on this blog, other than it’s a good way to organize all our notes and photos? Why do we bother sharing stories and photos via social media? Then along comes […]

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