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While you’re biking around Brittany, you should stop pedaling long enough to take in some views. We did, barely. But they were good views. Check out some of them here.

The house that Dodge built. He also built railroads.

Sometimes You Have to Go Home

I grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa. According to my grandfather, Council Bluffs was, “the only town that ever hurt Chicago.” I’ve given his pronouncement a lot of thought over the years and I’ve still never quite figured out what it meant. Maybe it was because Council Bluffs made fun of Chicago on the playground […]

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I also like to wear funny hats while I drink beer in Mexico.

25 Things About Me

Since I have so many new followers to this blog (all 25 of you) I thought I should tell you a little more about me. I wrote some of this a couple of years ago when that 25 Things About Me thing went around on Facebook. I got up to 23 then and stopped–mostly because […]

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A MadrileƱo stops to look at the display of tapas in the bar window. The display was enough to entice us into Cerveceria Cristina for a couple of beers and some sardines.

Sunday in Madrid

Madrid, first of all, is a great walking city. If you are staying anywhere near the Puerta del Sol. you’ll perhaps first notice that Madrid got smart several years ago and banned all car traffic in the Puerta itself as well as all streets leading out of it for a distance of several blocks. Usually […]

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This is a Turkish memorial, with a statue of Kemal Mustafa, who later became known as Ataturk, the father of the modern Turkish nation.

Ancient Battlefields of Turkey

We’re about five hours into a seven-hour Turkish bus ride from Canakkale (near Gallipoli) to Selcuk (near Ephesus) so I’m being dry roasted by the bus’s heating system and a bit distracted by the ignored prohibition against cell phone use. Only three people are talking loudly now, so it’s actually a bit better than before. […]

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