Germany_Berlin_holocaust memorial bw
The setting sun emphasizes the contrast of the stark blocks of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. It should be in black and white.

Castellano According to Kristin Henning

Kris: “How do you say ‘piss’?” Tom: “You could say ‘hacer un pis’ but the polite way is ‘orinar’.” Kris: “Wait. How do you say ‘pray’?” Tom: “That’s ‘orar’.” Kris: “No wonder I get confused.” Later. (Background: we just came from Madrid, where there were 1 million youth pilgrims for World Youth Day.) Kris: “Bilbao […]

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Ernest Hemingway

On Journalism and Bullfights in Madrid

Madrileños, unlike most denizens of big cities, are genuinely friendly and eager to talk about their city, Spain, and almost anything else you want to discuss. Our first night here, we had a discussion about journalism and its position as a profession in Spanish society over beers and a plate of olives at an outdoor […]

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Steam at dawn in the Valle de Tatio.

The Atacama, with Interruptions

Our weekend trip to San Pedro de Atacama was a little anti-climactic for me. Evidently, I had eaten something which didn’t agree with me sometime during the previous week and it sort of came on all of a sudden–and I do mean all of a sudden–on our second day of a three day trip. So, […]

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A still from Los Amantes. God, I love good dance.

Catching up in Santiago de Chile

Often when your life is pretty easy, like ours is now, it’s too easy to get lazy. And, as I look back on this blog and realize that I’ve been lazy enough to only write one thing in the last two months, I guess I’m the South American poster child for sloth. For sometimes, it’s […]

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