Trip Totals: Accounting for our Whereabouts

This photo counts as one of my favorites: The Bernina Express rail line in the Swiss Alps. Apart from toting up income (not enough) and expenses (too much), we endorse counting up other [...]

Discovering European Capitals of Culture

Museum of Alchemy in Prague, a European Capital of Culture in 2000 Since 1985, the European Commission has been designating one or two cities per year as European Capitals of Culture (ECOC). That’s [...]

Our 2014 Travels in 50 Photos

2014 was our biggest year of traveling yet. We visited 19 countries, including a long driving trip in the western United States. We saw, in order, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, [...]

The Lowdown on Travel with a Eurail Pass

Our Itinerary The hardest part about traveling with our Eurail pass, good for 15 travel days within two months, was deciding where to go. We studied the maps, solicited ideas, hemmed and hawed, started in [...]

Musings on the Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

There are some nice pieces of ancient Greek art at the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Unfortunately, most of them are not from the Parthenon. A lot of them have been dug up, again relatively recently, [...]

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International Use of National Parks

Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde exemplifies the cultural heritage of a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the natural scenery of National Parks. Last summer, while on a driving tour of the UK, we [...]

Stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral, England

The stairway up to the Chapter House and residences of the Wells Cathedral in England. The soft light coming through the windows just enhanced the edges of the stone steps, rounded and chipped by centuries [...]

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2013 in 50 Photographs

Kris and I visited 13 foreign countries this year. In order: Spain, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Japan, back to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Our travels within the US [...]

Our Very Own Guided Tour of England

Oliver, in background, is likely to be reading the Latin, or to have known the intimate history of the man buried there. Who doesn't love the information imparted by a zealous local who [...]