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Trying to describe Tierra del Fuego in words can go two directions. Either you can sort of give up and just use photos. Or you can write a book. I take the former. Our Tierra del Fuego guide, Juan Ronco and his partner Federico Ezequiel Gargiulo, went the other direction. Of course they made an epic hike into the wilderness. And we only did a few pretty easy day hikes. Not sure I’m up to the epic approach, but I will heartily embrace the photo approach.


Some Ideas to Make the New Year Better

It’s almost the end of the year, and, like a lot of other people who don’t have anything better to do, I’ve been thinking of some things I should be doing instead of sitting around thinking all the time. Here they are: As Dorothy Parker said, “I hate writing. I love having written.” So, I’m […]

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10 Things I Learned from Traveling

1. Flight attendant instructions on South American airlines are regarded as strictly optional. Here’s how that goes: the plane lands; the tires have barely stopped smoking and you’re still a long way from the terminal, but half the passengers have already stood up to get their huge bags out of the overhead compartments. You are […]

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Vishnu in the garden.

Bali Day 4, or is it 5?

Bali Day 3. Or is is Day 4? It’s hard to keep track after flying for thirty hours to get here and a very erratic schedule. We were ferried all over the southern part of the island on the second day by our friends, and all I remember is a sort of jet laggy blur […]

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A good luck shrine just outside the front door.

Welcome to Bali

So far, it’s pretty hard to say anything bad about Bali. Ok, there’s the traffic, and the midday heat and humidity, and the occasional mosquito. There, I’ve got that out of the way. And all of those are avoidable anyway. My view of this paradise is a bit colored by where we’re staying. We’ve skipped […]

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The house that Dodge built. He also built railroads.

Sometimes You Have to Go Home

I grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa. According to my grandfather, Council Bluffs was, “the only town that ever hurt Chicago.” I’ve given his pronouncement a lot of thought over the years and I’ve still never quite figured out what it meant. Maybe it was because Council Bluffs made fun of Chicago on the playground […]

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I also like to wear funny hats while I drink beer in Mexico.

25 Things About Me

Since I have so many new followers to this blog (all 25 of you) I thought I should tell you a little more about me. I wrote some of this a couple of years ago when that 25 Things About Me thing went around on Facebook. I got up to 23 then and stopped–mostly because […]

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