St. Nicholas Cathedral, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Baroque Roman Catholic churches of Eastern Europe, such as the ones we saw in Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia, succeed by what some would call excess. They feature elaborate decoration, especially in their spectacular painted [...]

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Trip Totals: Accounting for our Whereabouts

This photo counts as one of my favorites: The Bernina Express rail line in the Swiss Alps. Apart from toting up income (not enough) and expenses (too much), we endorse counting up other [...]

Our 2014 Travels in 50 Photos

2014 was our biggest year of traveling yet. We visited 19 countries, including a long driving trip in the western United States. We saw, in order, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, [...]

The Lowdown on Travel with a Eurail Pass

Our Itinerary The hardest part about traveling with our Eurail pass, good for 15 travel days within two months, was deciding where to go. We studied the maps, solicited ideas, hemmed and hawed, started in [...]

Idrija, Slovenia: Mercury and Old Lace

The water wheel is your introduction to centuries-old mercury mining technology. One of the things we like to do as we’re traveling to a new country is to use the list of Unesco [...]

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