Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

If you landed on this page to see what time it is in Minneapolis, Click this link. If you want to see some nice photos, scroll down What is below is a catalog of my [...]

2016 Books and Beds

Jackson Street Booksellers, Omaha In this second annual round-up of the books I’ve read and the beds I’ve slept in, I gotta admit I’m cutting corners on the reading list. Every year, I [...]

50 of Our Favorite Photos of 2016

It was a bit of an odd year for us in 2016. While we did some trips around the Midwest in the first half of the year (and Kris went to Baja California by herself) [...]

Nova Scotia: History, Cuisine, and Natural Beauty

St. Ann's Bay along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia offers its own brand of history, cuisine, natural beauty, and recreation. It wasn’t an hour off the Digby Ferry [...]

Views of the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Saint Ann's Harbour. Frankly, by the end of our day I was a little confused at what we were looking at. Or which way we were looking. But I was assured that this was [...]

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One Short Week in New Brunswick, Canada

Daniel's Flats as seen from the park at Hopewell Rocks illustrate the dramatic tidal highs and lows of the Bay of Fundy You would think we'd know better, after years of traveling. But [...]

Site of Acadian Exile, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia

The statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's character, Evangeline, from the poem of that name about the exile of the Acadians from their Nova Scotia home. L’Acadie, (English: Acadia) established in 1604, was the [...]

Cabot Trail near Saint Ann, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Driving along the Cabot Trail, mostly through the Canadian Cape Breton Highlands National Park, you're greeted with postcard perfect scenes around most every turn. Like this one. The side story to this one is that [...]

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Sunset, Dark Harbour, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

After a delicious dinner at the The Inn at Whale Cove on Grand Manan, we decided to take a leisurely drive down the east coast of the island. But, as we perused a crude map [...]

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