USA_Missouri_Hannibal Mississippi River sunset

Since we only live a few blocks from the Mississippi River, we have this ineffable attraction to it. Actually, we could describe it. Mark Twain certainly did, but we’re not quite as adept with words as he is. So, we photograph and dream. This photo, and dream, is from Twain’s home town of Hannibal, Missouri.

Kris in the outdoor mall overlooking the Pacific. If you look closely, you can see surfers in the distance. If you look really closely, you can see the most delicious fish in the world somewhere out there waiting to be caught.

A Quick Dash Through Lima, Peru

We’ve been in Peru for five days now, and the first impressions are that Peru is more prosperous than Ecuador, and that this is due to a few things: the people just seem to be more entrepreneurial, especially when it comes to tourism; and the government seems more interested in actually doing things to promote […]

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Welcome to the Jungle (Part 1)

Traveling through Ecuador can be both breathtaking and discouraging. I’ll get to the breathtaking part later, but I wouldn’t be honest about how beautiful Ecuador can be if I didn’t also mention that it can be damn ugly, too. Starting about the time you pass the airport on your way north out of Quito, it […]

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