Chapter House, York Minster, York, England

chapter house york minster EnglandThe entire cathedral at York, England, called York Minster, features amazing glass works. To my mind, only those of Leon, Spain's cathedral are their equal. The chapter house features an almost 360 degree view of the glassmakers' art and the windows are not so high up that you cannot make out details. The main altar glass is undergoing restoration now. It will take five years and cost millions of pounds. But it will be worth it.

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  1. I hope you are enjoying York! Lars and I had a lovely long weekend there a couple of years ago. So pretty and full of character, I presume you have ‘tested’ out Guy Fawkes Inn and the many other traditional pubs there?

    • Jenny, we were in York only for a few hours–only long enough for a thorough tour of the Minster. But, believe me, we’ve done our share of pubs in other towns.


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