Cradle Mountain, Tasmania: Stop for the View, Stay for the Trek

Cradle Mountain from a distance [NOTE: We traveled in Australia and Tasmania back in early 2012, using a rental car and our own devices to get around. Recently, World Expeditions asked us to [...]

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Peter and Tracy McDermott: Roaming Retirees

McNomads Peter and Tracy McDermott and their credo: Why Stay Home If You Can Roam? We were introduced to Peter and Tracy McDermott through a mutual acquaintance, and suddenly the four of us [...]

Macquarie Harbour Penal Colony, Tasmania, Australia

Sarah Island, the Macquarie Harbour Penal Colony, near Strahan, Tasmania was one of the most notorious penal camps in early Australia. Established in 1822 as a banishment site for convicts who were too hard to [...]

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Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour is a travel photography contest sponsored by The Travel Supermarket. They're a British company, hence the spelling of color. The idea is to enter five photos, each illustrating a striking color. I've [...]

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Fish Farming, Macquarie Harbour, Strahan, Tasmania

As we cruised Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River to see the ancient forests, we also ran across these Aussie fisherman, or should I say farmers, tending their salmon fisheries. I suppose farmed fish [...]

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Western Mountain Range, Tasmania

Driving from east to west in Tasmania, you're constantly treated to vistas such as this one of the Western Range . We were anxious to get to the coast, but nevertheless stopped occasionally just to [...]

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