A Photo Tour of Wadi Rum, Jordan

The best way to do a Wadi Rum tour is to stay in a Bedouin camp and let them feed you and drive you around. Early the next morning take photos at dawn.

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Crossing Barriers in Israel with Green Olive Tours

Fred Schlomka, founder of Green Olive Collective, prepares for a long distance ride through the U.S. Fred Schlomka is idiosyncratic enough that I shouldn’t have been surprised when our interview by email, between [...]

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Mapping 2015: Highlights and Snapshots

It’s been such a full year I needed to retrace our itinerary to get my head around all that we’ve seen in 2015. Initially, I just wanted to post some random images–previously unpublished–that have stayed [...]

Trip Totals: Accounting for our Whereabouts

This photo counts as one of my favorites: The Bernina Express rail line in the Swiss Alps. Apart from toting up income (not enough) and expenses (too much), we endorse counting up other [...]

Temple of Sobek, Kom Ombo, Egypt

The temple of Sobek at Kom Ombo is yet another of the fascinating temples along the Nile. I like this one because it's dedicated to Sobek, and who doesn't like crocodile headed gods? Sobek is [...]

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Cruising the Nile, Sonesta Style

The Nile River with fishermen, the banks with agriculture, and the desert with mountains of limestone. If you know anything about us, you might say Sonesta Nile Cruises was taking a risk inviting [...]

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The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo, Egypt

The construction of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali was modeled after mosques in Turkey. Like the Aya Sofia, for example. The Mosque of Muhammad Ali (no relation to the boxer) in Cairo was [...]

Rusted Truck Cab, Bedouin Camp, Sinai, Egypt

We've now been in at least four or five Bedouin camps since we've been in the Middle East. All of them have their distinct character. But one thing they have in common is putting whatever [...]

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