USA_Minnesota_Saint Paul japanese beetles 2

Ok, this is not exactly travel photography. But it is sort of landscape photography. If the landscape is the potted plants hanging on the porch rail outside my apartment. And, hey, they’re Japanese beetles. And they’ve done some traveling. In fact, like some terrible tourists, they’ve come to Minnesota recently to wreak havoc on every plant in the whole state. Note the leaf on the left of the loving threesome pictured here. And that’s not even counting the upper leaves on the trees outside my window, which now all look like Irish lace. Damn beetles. Go back to wherever you came from.

But, they did give me the opportunity to try out my new lens ring extensions for my Nikon. They were used and on sale at BH Photo, and so I picked up a couple in different lengths and have been playing around with them for a couple of days. They take some getting used to. You have to focus by moving back and forth, instead of turning the focus ring on the lens. And, as you can see, depth of field is almost non existent, so getting the subject sharp isn’t easy. So, shoot a lot, and hope some work.

Here’s a flower that the beetles haven’t got to yet. And it just rained a bit, so there are some pretty drops. The beetles will probably eat it by tomorrow. That’s a “type of begonia,” by the way. I’m utterly ignorant about flowers. I had to ask Kris, and that’s all the more specific she’d get.

USA_Minnesota_Saint Paul macro flower 1

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