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Kris Tom Masada
Hey, if we can climb a mountain in the desert, so can you. And so can most the others listed below.

Here are some other Baby Boomer travel bloggers we follow. They're all specialists in retirement travel. Some of them don't call it retirement travel. Like us, for example. We prefer to call it, “sell-it-all-and-hit-the-trail” travel. Anyway, the common thread is that we're all Baby Boomers, which we as a group once decided meant that our parents got busy in the years between, say, 1945 and 1960. So, have a look at some of these. If you like us, you might like them. And they are great resources on keeping up on baby boomer travel trends, resources, and ideas.

So, drop everything and travel along. If we can do it, so can you.

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8 thoughts on “Boomer Travel Blogger Directory”

  1. What a great list – I am familiar with many great ones here and look forward to reading some new ones. Thank you so much for including What Boundaries Travel!

  2. It is great to see so many more mature travel bloggers, we can give a different perspective on travelling and encourage our age group to expand their travelling horizons!


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