Our Favorite Travel Blogs

We read a lot, and a lot of what we read is on the Internet. (What a surprise!) Here are some of our favorite blogs. Not everything is about travel. But travel, apparently, can be about everything. Here's our list of Best Travel Blogs.

Our Favorite Travel Blogs

  • Everything Everywhere – This, perhaps, is the granddaddy of travel blogs. Gary Arndt is an old friend of ours and has been at this for more than 10 years. He's a piquant essayist, a constant traveler, and multiple Photographer of the Year from various organizations. Lots of info, insight, and images here.
  • Hecktic Travels – Pete and Dalene Heck are National Geographic Travelers of the Year, but we like them because they're really beautiful people. And, they produce some lovely photos and essays. Pete's also a gourmet cook, although we haven't been over to the house for dinner yet.
  • The Insatiable Traveler – New Yorker Susan Portnoy just flat out produces gorgeous photographs whether she's strolling Coney Island or on safari in Mongolia and Africa. And, on her blog she's also nice enough to share many of her valuable tips on shooting.
  • Landlopers – We just love Matt Long's simple and honest suggestions and reviews on all the places he's been. And he's been to a lot.
  • Ottsworld – Sherry Ott is a corporate runaway who has been to all seven continents and specializes in solo women's travel to really bad ass places such as Siberia, Mongolia, Antarctica, and Omaha.
  • The Planet D – Dave and Deb have pretty much been everywhere and brought back tons of award winning photography, video, and tips. And, they're just lots of fun to hang out with, too.
  • Divergent Travelers – Dave and Lina are pretty much our adventure travel heroes. They're currently on a quest to do the top 100 adventure travel destinations. I'm sure they're going to make it. One time, when we were traveling together on a boat in Spain, Dave asked to stop the boat so he could jump off the bridge we'd just passed under…if that gives you any idea of what these two are about.
  • Travel Past 50 That's us. We specialize in culture, history, museums, Unesco World Heritage sites, United States National Parks, travel photography, and the occasional restaurant.
  • Travel Past 50 is a member of Travel Bloggers Influencer Network (#TBIN), a diverse group of about five dozen travel writers and photographers, each with a distinct following. Browse this network for other bloggers who might inspire your travels and fit your style.

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