Our Best Overall Travel Tips: Your Checklist for Happy Travels

Our travel tips today are different from our tips three years ago. Products change, we change, and our style of travel is constantly evolving as we vary between adventure travel, house-sitting, road trips, tours, or [...]

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Three Expert Tips for Sustainable Travel

Lani and Paul with docent Ara Merjian visiting New York's Museum of Modern Art. Paul Bennett, like other subjects of Travel Past 50 interviews, has decades of travel experience and plenty of travel [...]

The Four Best Types of Travel Shoes for Women

After six years, I've settled on the four types of shoes that suit me best on the road. My relationship with shoes was defined early on. My mother regularly reminded my sister and me not to skimp on shoes; cheap shoes would hurt and not last, she warned us.

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Under the Weather and On the Road: 13 Ways to Feel Better

Silkworms in Bangkok Four years ago, at about this time of year, I was suffering from a cold or flu, and wrote this post. Judging from the photos, I was in Bangkok. I [...]

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10 Things I’ve Learned from Traveling (with my husband of 34 years)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 1. The morning is for people who have someplace to go. The afternoon is for wandering around aimlessly, long lunches, reading, or napping. Do what you [...]

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10 Things I Learned from Traveling

1. Flight attendant instructions on South American airlines are regarded as strictly optional. Here's how that goes: the plane lands; the tires have barely stopped smoking and you're still a long way from the terminal, but half the passengers have already stood up to get their huge bags out of the overhead compartments. You are still sitting on the aisle and the guy in the middle seat is trying to climb over you to be one of them. The flight attendants have pretty much given up by the time we reach the terminal. 2. Nearly every man on Bali owns a taxi, which he hawks at you by saying, "Transport?" and when you keep walking, "Maybe tomorrow?" Change "Transport?" to "Turkish Carpet?" and you've got Istanbul. Oh, and these people are just trying to make a living. Be courteous when you say, "No thanks."

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