fortune teller havana

A fortune teller and her assistant. Old Havana. “If you want a picture, that will be one peso.” Gladly.

This is a rather quick post. There will be others from both of us with more detailed impressions of Cuba. However, internet here is extremely rare and slow. So, while I have some in our hotel, I'm just going to let you have a first look, though ten photos I've processed so far.

BTW, we're here on a “People to People” tour with Cuba Unbound. Our impression of the Cuban people is that they are among the friendliest we've ever met. We love Cuba and are looking forward to our next five days in Havana. And to returning soon.

fidel speech police day havana

January 5 is the annual “Police Day” celebration in Cuba. Naturally, even though he's gone, Fidel still makes a speech.

tobacco farm pinar del rio

A newly planted tobacco field, Piñar del Rio.

garden paradiso restaurant vinales

We hiked through a national park at Piñar del Rio for a couple hours this day and ended up at a remote organic restaurant that grows much of its own produce.

men on street trinidad

A couple of guys in Trinidad. Smoking and hanging out.

casa de valle cienfuegos

Originally a wealthy sugar plantation owner's home, Cuban dictator Batista wanted to turn the Casa de Valle in Cienfuegos into a seaside casino. Now it's a restaurant and a curiosity.

blue car trinidad

It's true. The American cars from the 50s are everywhere in Cuba. Most are taxis for the tourists.

people on balcony trinidad

The center of Trinidad is pretty much the same as it was a few hundred years ago–except for the ubiquitous capricious decoration and souvenir stands. That's why it's a Unesco World Heritage site.

man bass fiddle trinidad

The other thing about Cuba: there's music everywhere. This guy was lugging his bass to a gig in the town plaza in Trinidad.

girls umbrellas playa larga cuba

The sun is strong here, even in January. If you are out for a walk, take an umbrella.

This post is part of a series that won the Bronze Award for General Excellence in photography from the North American Travel Journalists Association for 2018. See the other posts in the series posts here:

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