Crossing Barriers in Israel with Green Olive Tours

Fred Schlomka, founder of Green Olive Collective, prepares for a long distance ride through the U.S. Fred Schlomka is idiosyncratic enough that I shouldn’t have been surprised when our interview by email, between [...]

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Three Expert Tips for Sustainable Travel

Lani and Paul with docent Ara Merjian visiting New York's Museum of Modern Art. Paul Bennett, like other subjects of Travel Past 50 interviews, has decades of travel experience and plenty of travel [...]

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Alison Abbott: How to Keep it Local While Traveling

Alison Abbott sings the praises of keeping it local whether at home or abroad, and offers tips and tricks for travel.

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Sisterhood of the World Travel Bloggers

A line-up of Harleys at Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands National Park, not far from the annual Sturgis Rally. The tables have turned. I enjoy interviewing other travelers, especially women travel bloggers, and [...]

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Peter and Tracy McDermott: Roaming Retirees

McNomads Peter and Tracy McDermott and their credo: Why Stay Home If You Can Roam? We were introduced to Peter and Tracy McDermott through a mutual acquaintance, and suddenly the four of us [...]

Travel Reflections with Corinne Vail

Corinne and Jim Vail in Wadi Rum, Jordan. As usual, they got there before we did. Corinne Vail was, for a couple years, a virtual friend. She became a regular commenter on Travel [...]

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Stanley Trollip and Detective Kubu on Tour

Stanley Trollip Toasting Travel. Photo by Kittridge Communications. You might meet Stanley Trollip in the U.S. or in South Africa, in a classroom or in the wild, in the air or on the ground, [...]

Jumpstart Your Travels in Europe: Move There

David Ritsema Travels Europe from his Switzerland home base. Dave Ritsema, unlike some of the non-stop travelers we’ve interviewed, has created for himself and his wife, Linda, an excellent launching pad for travel. [...]

Talon Windwalker Plus One: Travel Education

Talon Windwalker Plus One: Travel Education Most travel bloggers will have heard of Talon Windwalker long before this. Apart from traveling and blogging, he’s father to his almost-13-year-old traveling companion, Tigger, and an [...]

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True Stories from a Flight Attendant

Not your Mama's style anymore. Travel Past 50 asked career flight attendant, Ann O'Brien Berle, for her perspective on flying, passengers, and changes in the business of air travel. Here are her remarks, barely [...]