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Israel Tours Green Olive

Crossing Barriers in Israel with Green Olive Tours

Fred Schlomka is idiosyncratic enough that I shouldn’t have been surprised when our interview by email, between the U.S. and Israel, morphed into a personal meeting in Minneapolis. And even less surprising, now that I think about it, was that we met at a bike shop, The Hub in Dinkytown to be precise, a favorite […]

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Amazing old knees in the lively waters of the Galapagos Islands

Interview with a Galapagos Guide

We’ve never kept a ‘bucket’ list of places to visit before we die. But if we had, the Galapagos Islands would surely have been on it. Somehow, even living in mainland Ecuador for nine months back in 2010, Tom and I didn’t manage to visit these equatorial Pacific Islands. We’ve been attracted, meanwhile, by Darwin’s […]

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Sherry and Vanessa toast to the next challenge: destination unknown.

Seasoned Traveler Finds European Adventure with Competitours

Last year we wrote about a company that calls its competitive European mystery tours “SightDoing” rather than sightseeing. This year, a competitor from the 2015 experience talked to us about how this all played out from the traveler’s perspective. Competitours began their wacky form of small group tourism eight years ago. The gist of the […]

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Golden Hour Interview in Bali

Travel Writers Radio, based in Melbourne, Australia, recently talked with Kris about our “Golden Hour” tour with Mr. Agung Rai of the ARMA Museum and Resort in Ubud, Bali. These were some of our first forays into recording interviews–and frogs. So have a listen and relive the beauty of Bali with us. Visit Travel Writers […]

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Paul Bennett deep travel tips

Three Expert Tips for Sustainable Travel

Paul Bennett, like other subjects of Travel Past 50 interviews, has decades of travel experience and plenty of travel tips to share. But we’ve been interested in talking with Paul not only about his personal travels, but about how he encourages others to travel. Bennett and his wife and business partner, Lani Bevacqua, are the […]

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Jaume Marin, Costa Brava, Spain

Jaume Marin Fires Up Costa Brava

The trade show for this travel conference was noisy. Really noisy, and placed in the center of the main floor lobby of our hosting hotel, Evenia Olympic Palace, in Lloret del Mar, Spain. When Jaume Marin stepped away from the mayhem to talk with us, he had to first reassure his little daughter, who stopped […]

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A line-up of Harley's at Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands National Park, not far from the annual Sturgis Rally.

Sisterhood of the World Travel Bloggers

The tables have turned. I enjoy interviewing other travelers, especially women travel bloggers, and publish these conversations regularly on Travel Past 50 Interviews. But lately, a pyramid scheme of interviews has been creeping up. As part of the mysterious Sisterhood of World Travel Bloggers, I was invited by Suzanne Fluhr of Boomeresque (one of the […]

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McNomads Peter and Tracy McDermott and their credo: Why Stay Home If You Can Roam?

Peter and Tracy McDermott: Roaming Retirees

We were introduced to Peter and Tracy McDermott through a mutual acquaintance, and suddenly the four of us were meeting for dinner in Copenhagen. That was in April 2014, when Tracy and Peter were just embarking on their extended travels, and we were making our first forays into Scandinavia. Now, with more than a year […]

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