A Mekong River Cruise with AmaWaterways

A river cruise on Asia's Mekong River with AmaWaterways casts new light on Cambodia and Vietnam. Historic sites from centuries and just decades ago are best described by locals who've survived and thrived in the changing Mekong Delta region.

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A Ha Long Bay Cruise in Vietnam

Planning a family side trip to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam–with a toddler and an infant–seemed tricky until we booked a one-night Ha Long Bay cruise.

Up-Close Gray Whales

Detouring from the Sea of Cortez, our Un-Cruise Adventure took us across the Baja Peninsula to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific for some whale watching. I was hopeful, but keeping in mind that we might [...]

Golden Nugget in the Sea of Cortez

By day it's plain to see why people refer to the white guano covering this rock as Baja snow. But at dawn, before the sun breaks the horizon, the hues make Roca Solitaria look like [...]

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Cruising the Nile, Sonesta Style

The Nile River with fishermen, the banks with agriculture, and the desert with mountains of limestone. If you know anything about us, you might say Sonesta Nile Cruises was taking a risk inviting [...]

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Cruising the Bosphorus

It may be a bit of an oversimplification, but you could probably say that Istanbul exists because of the Bosphorus. It was the first thing I wanted to see when we got there. We dropped our bags at the Empress Zoe hotel, and headed right out. We were only a few blocks away, and so our first impressions of Istanbul were those of the strong current flowing from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, the ships lined up waiting for their pilots to take them through the strait, and the lines of fishermen with their lines in dark water.

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