Six Random Photos of the Nile, Egypt

sailboat nile cruise egyptI shot all of these on two occasions while we were cruising up the Nile. The ones of the boats were shot off the balcony of our cabin on the Sonesta Star Goddess. (Thanks for the nice room, Sonesta!) The bird shots were both made during a private cruise on a rickety steel boat we hired to take us across the river to visit a Nubian village. That was fun. Kris learned to write her name in Arabic. And we saw a crocodile.

fishing boat nile cruise egyptI couldn't tell exactly what these guys were doing, but I think it might have had something to do with fishing. Or maybe he was slapping crocodiles with that big pole. I'm not sure.

rowboat nile cruise egyptThese guys were having a good time. Not sure what they were carrying in the boat. Dates? Coconuts? Bananas? I'm going with bananas.

bird nile cruise egyptThis guy has a strange name, that I'll be damned if I can remember. I think it had something to do with his colorfulness. It was an Arabic name, which is probably why I have no idea.

bird 3 nile cruise egyptWe saw a few of these cranes in the shallows when we were headed for the Nubian village. This guy got his dinner right after I made this shot. Unfortunately it was too dark, and the shutter speed too slow, so all you could see was a blur in the next frame.

donkey riders nile cruise egyptAnd, of course, the poor donkey and his three passengers. Saw a lot of these along the eastern shore as we went down river.

For more information on the Sonesta Nile Cruise offerings, check out Sonesta on Facebook.

12 thoughts on “Six Random Photos of the Nile, Egypt”

    • Gee, thanks Marilyn, but you shouldn’t rule out Egypt. Their tourism business is so depressed right now it’s very reasonable to go on one of these cruises. We were skeptical, but we ended up absolutely loving it. Read Kris’s post that will be linked here for more info.

  1. You have captured all the colors along the river.
    We thought the variety of boats that could still float and move in the desired direction was amazing.

    • I was actually surprised at the volume and diversity of traffic on the Nile. We were told there were over 330 cruise boats operating at one time. I can’t imagine what the traffic was like.


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