An Eight-Day Emerald Waterways River Cruise through Europe: Who’s onboard?

I belong on the river, and my friend and college classmate, Kit Naylor, has been pining for a river cruise for years. So given this opportunity to win an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise, I dedicate this post to Kit and experiencing Europe from its rivers and canals. I grew up in Minnesota, the “Land […]

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Europe, Again and Again

We’re experienced at Europe. We’ve been there at least a dozen times, and have spent enough time in Spain and Italy to say with a straight face that we actually lived there. When we were young, Europe was what Thailand is for the young set now: a place to soak in the culture, but only […]

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The Museum of Alchemy: Prelude to Prague

Prague is just the right size for wandering around and stumbling upon great finds. Our discovery of the Museum of Alchemy was a complete accident as we walked through the Old Town toward the Jewish Quarter. In fact, the subterranean rooms were only recently re-discovered, following the floods of 2002 when clean-up workers found the […]

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Barbara Weibel Travels: No Looking Back

Barbara Weibel was a hard worker. You might say she still is. But now that her work is documenting her world travels, there’s no doubt she enjoys it more. After many years and multiple iterations of her career in marketing, management, and real estate, Barbara found she felt like the proverbial “hole in the donut”–solid […]

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Seeking Fine Art in Las Vegas

There really is fine art in Vegas, baby, and at least one museum is attracting a steady stream of visitors to its specially curated exhibitions. Currently showing at Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art (BGFA) is “Painting Women,” a display of 34 pieces arranged by Bellagio’s director Tarissa Tiberti in partnership with the Museum of Fine […]

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New in Las Vegas: The Linq

You can always count on Las Vegas. Milling crowds, blaring music, and shining neon and video displays will forever be around. Shows are extravagant and boob jobs are, too. Most entertainment venues, shops, and restaurants are only accessed through the maze of giant hotels and casinos. But a new street opens this month, linking the […]

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