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Trip Totals: Accounting for our Whereabouts

Apart from toting up income (not enough) and expenses (too much), we endorse counting up other important things in your life, especially at tax time. Count your blessings; count your cousins; count your freckles, calories, or steps. How many times did I swear today? We’re acknowledging our inner accountant by sharing these trip totals from […]

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Discovering European Capitals of Culture

Since 1985, the European Commission has been designating one or two cities per year as European Capitals of Culture (ECOC). That’s thirty years of work, recognizing more than fifty cities, and resulting in thousands of events and special exhibitions. How did I miss this? For most of that time, I must have had my head […]

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The Fascinating Jordan Museum, Amman

It’s remarkable in a country full of old stuff, like Jordan, to think how recently so much of it has been discovered. Since the re-discovery of Petra two hundred years ago, exploration of archeological sites continues today. And now The Jordan Museum, just opened in 2013, offers fresh new interpretations of major discoveries and research […]

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