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oval plaza from temple zeus jerash jordan 2

Jerash, Our Introduction to Roman Jordan

Even though I studied Latin and some Roman history in college, I never really considered the edges of the Roman Empire, such as Jordan. So, Jerash was an introduction. If you love Roman and Byzantine architecture–and who doesn’t?–this is a great place to visit. It’s one of the best preserved Roman cities you’ll run across […]

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Panagia tou Sinti Monastery wall cyprus

A Strange Visit to an Old Monastery

The Panagia tou Sinti Monastery is not on the list of the ten “Painted Churches” of the Troodos area that comprise the Unesco World Heritage site on Cyprus. Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting visit. It’s down in a valley that you can only reach by driving 5 kilometers on a rather dubious road. And, […]

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