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Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia: Fascinating Capital City

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is 55 miles due south and just three hours by ferry from Helsinki, Finland. In fact, it may not feel too different from Helsinki at first, because Tallinn entertains a lot of Finnish visitors, especially of the bridal party and groom’s get-away sort. The next biggest group of visitors […]

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rumbula massacre latvia stuffed animal

Rumbula Massacre Memorial, Latvia

We had never heard of the Rumbula Massacre until we visited the Latvian Museum of the Occupation in Riga. (Great museum, terrible website, btw.) The museum itself is an eye opener to the terror the Latvian people were subjected to by both the Soviets and the Germans during and after World War II. The museum […]

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trakai castle lithuania 2

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Sometimes it’s just a pretty picture, and that’s what you get at Trakai Castle, just outside Vilnius, Lithuania. Trakai Castle itself is a 20th Century restoration of the original 14th Century fortification. They’ve done a very nice job, although what you’re looking at here is more of a Disneyland scene, albeit one that’s a pretty […]

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