Getting Away to the North Shore

From Shovel Point looking back southwest to Palisade Head We’ve already posted some pretty pictures from the North Shore. But for anyone within striking distance–and that includes folks from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Manitoba, and [...]

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Thoughts on Driving the Southern California Desert

It wouldn't be Southern California without extremely eccentric expressions of individuality, like Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea. Cars can be art as well as transportation. I'm of two minds when it comes [...]

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Desert Sunset, Keys View, Joshua Tree, California

Why are desert sunsets so beautiful? Desert sunsets, like this one at Keys View at Joshua Tree National Park, are particularly red due to the dryness of the air. Moist air tends to scatter light more. Also, deserts tend to have cleaner air, and therefore allow the light a more direct path to the eye, making the color more dramatic.

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Snowy Mountain in the Distance, Joshua Tree

When we visited Joshua Tree National Park last year, we actually got a little bit of rain. And I mean a very little bit. It was a brief respite though from the very dry last [...]

Cholla Garden, Joshua Tree National Park

I like this photo for a few reasons. The sunlight behind the cholla thorns makes a nice halo effect. I shot it with my iPhone. And, it's heavily cropped. The photo shown here is less [...]

Night Photography, Joshua Tree National Park, California

With or without the moon. That's the question in this nighttime shot in the Joshua Tree desert. I was thinking about setting up to make just this shot when I noticed that my [...]

Our 2015 Travels in 50 Photos

I said the same thing last year, but 2015 was our biggest year in travel yet. Four continents and 16 countries, about 75 cities, 11 United States National Parks, and a score or more Unesco [...]

Mapping 2015: Highlights and Snapshots

It’s been such a full year I needed to retrace our itinerary to get my head around all that we’ve seen in 2015. Initially, I just wanted to post some random images–previously unpublished–that have stayed [...]

Hidden Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park

As we hiked around the Hidden Canyon in Joshua Tree National Park, we were struck by the various scenes posed by the bright sun and the dramatic clouds. And of course the trees. And the [...]

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