A Photo Tour of Wadi Rum, Jordan

The best way to do a Wadi Rum tour is to stay in a Bedouin camp and let them feed you and drive you around. Early the next morning take photos at dawn.

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Thoughts on Driving the Southern California Desert

It wouldn't be Southern California without extremely eccentric expressions of individuality, like Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea. Cars can be art as well as transportation. I'm of two minds when it comes [...]

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Sands of the Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert of northern Chile is the driest place on earth. In some places, it hasn't rained in over 400 years. In general, it looks like this, although this is slightly unusual in that [...]

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Looking Back and Forward in the Atacama Desert

When you think of just how dry and forbidding the Atacama desert is, you wonder why the hell anyone would live there. Maybe it makes sense now, because there are things like highways and trucks and bottled water you can bring in from a distance. And maybe now because there are vast deposits of copper and other minerals there, and the export of those minerals is to Chile what oil is to Saudi Arabia.

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