Why You Should Travel to Cuba

This is why you should travel to Cuba now. First, Cuba is a living country, not a gaudy painting of an antique car on somebody's basement wall.

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2017: The Year in Photos

The past year was a bit strange for us as we traveled much less than we usually do. We made it to eight countries (not counting the U.S.) including only one we hadn't been to [...]

The Viñales Valley, Cuba

Sunset at the Viñales Valley. The Viñales Valley of Cuba is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its natural beauty, its unusual geology, and its history as a cultivated landscape [...]

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Fly to Cuba via Orlando: Cuba Vacations start at Disney World

Fly to Cuba via Orlando and check out Donald Duck on the way or way back. We felt pretty good about our travel arrangements to Cuba via Orlando in January. Take a look. [...]

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Time Zones, A Photo Exhibit, Minneapolis, March-July 2017

If you landed on this page to see what time it is in Minneapolis, Click this link. If you want to see some nice photos, scroll down What is below is a catalog of my [...]

Cuba Tours: Food in Five Cuban Cities

The fountain in Havana's Plaza Vieja is surrounded by fencing, either to protect the fountain or to protect the children. It’s easy to acquire a romantic notion of Cuba, and especially Havana, given [...]

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Cuba Vacations: Hiking National Parks in Cuba

Cuba vacations in national parks: Limestone karstic formations in Viñales, Cuba As excited as we were for our first Cuba vacation, we were even more psyched for plans to hike its National Parks [...]

10 More Photos of Havana, Cuba

A woman dressed in all-white, the mark of a Santeria initiate, walking along the Callejón de Hamel in Santiago. The Callejón (alley) is known for its Sunday Santería sambas, and the press of every [...]

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Havana at Night, A Dozen Photos

Old Havana at night is mostly about the bars. And we tried most of them. But, although they are mostly populated by tourists, the two "Hemingway" bars, La Floridita and Bodeguita del Medio, are [...]

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Three Surprises in Cuba: What We Learned from Cuban People

Sunrise from our 4th floor Casa Particular, Central Havana In Cienfuegos, Cuba, on the fourth day of our tour, our guides Román and Jorge told us they had a surprise for us. Earlier [...]