National Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

The interior of one of the wooden churches of the Maramures region that was transplanted to Bucharest. One of the best things about the Viking River Cruises we've taken are the tours organized [...]

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On Tour in Five Countries of Eastern Europe

The Danube River cruise is brought into focus through various personal encounters on tours and home visits in five countries, and on board with the crew.

Down the Danube: a River Cruise through Eastern Europe

Budapest might be the most beautiful river town in the world, and is a great place to start a Danube River Cruise.

The (Second) Biggest Office Building in the World

The Grand Stairway greets you when you enter the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. Actually, metal detectors and a bunch of security guards who are dressed like naval officers greet you, but that's [...]

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