Discovering European Capitals of Culture

Museum of Alchemy in Prague, a European Capital of Culture in 2000 Since 1985, the European Commission has been designating one or two cities per year as European Capitals of Culture (ECOC). That’s [...]

Sintra on Two Pastries a Day

The Moorish Castle offers a delightful vertigo as you look down at Sintra. Or, it could have been the beer. I went to Sintra, too, but I'm not going to be able to [...]

Watching Spanish Football in Portugal

Lionel Messi thinks Andres Iniesta is the best player in the world. He should know.   It was an odd choice for us to leave Spain where we'd spent the past two and [...]

Better Things to Do in Lisbon

When it comes to explorers, Vasco de Gama is way underappreciated. Lisbon, day 2, was a lot like day 1, except we did some of the usual tourist things, which, in our case, [...]

Ironwork, Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a charming town not far from Lisbon. It's known for it's climate, which is markedly cooler and breezier than Lisbon, and for its architecture, which often features delicate cast iron work, like on [...]

One Night in Lisbon, In Which we Eat and Listen to Fado

The Fado was better when the young woman was singing. However, I was so entranced I forgot to take her picture. Probably the first thing you'll notice about Lisbon, if you've just come [...]

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Crucifix, Monastery of the Jeronimos, Lisbon

One thing you can say about the Iberians, they rarely shy away from the blood when it comes to their religious imagery. This is the crucifix in the choir of the Monastery of the Jeronimos [...]