The Windows of the Regensburg Cathedral

altar regensburg cathedral 1
The altar and apse windows of the Regensburg Cathedral. Luckily not destroyed by allied bombers in World War II.
virgin blue window regensburg cathedral
The window featuring the Virgin in blue over the side altar at Regensburg.
side window regensburg cathedral 1
Some of the most intriguing features were two small windows high up on the south wall of the cathedral. Where the transept would have been, if there was one. The decorated narrow gallery underneath extended the length of the wall.
altar windows regensburg cathedral 1
Detail of one of the windows behind the altar.
altar windows regensburg cathedral 1
More detail of the altar windows.
organ regensburg cathedral 1
The organ, which by the way, sounded incredible when we stepped in for Sunday mass.
rear windows regensburg cathedral 1
The rear windows, over the main entrance. Most gothic cathedrals have a round rosette here.

The windows of the remarkable Gothic cathedral at Regensburg, Germany are a wonderful mix of 13th and 14th Century work, combined with some from the 19th Century and even some from the second half of the 20th.

The later windows fit beautifully into the original Gothic precedent. I've included pictures of windows from all three of the eras. Can you tell the difference?

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