The Seven Wonders of Spain

Spain Barcelona Sagrada Familia ceiling Unesco World Heritage site Spain

These Seven Wonders of Spain–all man-made–are among the best places to visit in Spain and good reason to travel throughout the country. From Barcelona to Granada and Córdoba, from Sevilla to Ávila, Segovia, and León, discover these sites and experience more reasons Spain is a favorite destination of ours: friendly people, great food and wine, natural beauty, and the cafe culture of the cities.

The Bulls

I’ve seen perhaps six or seven corridas (bullfights) in my life. Most of those were in the late 70s in Madrid and Barcelona…back when Barcelona had corridas. We saw some good ones, and some bad ones. We saw some brave bulls and toreros, and we saw other days when the bulls and toreros seemed to be running away from, rather than toward, each other.