The Seven Wonders of Spain

Whenever we're asked what is our favorite place we've visited, the answer is always Spain. There are many reasons, including friendliness of the people, the food, the natural beauty, and the cafe culture of the cities. But when I try to rank Spain's attractions, I always come back to its man-made wonders.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

This is a list of all the Unesco World Heritage sites in Spain, with links to posts about the ones we have visited and photographed.

A Night of Flamenco, Córdoba, Spain

Mercedes de Córdoba. Passion would be too weak a term to describe her. Flamenco isn't hard to describe. If you speak Spanish. There's a word for it–duende. It doesn't really translate into English. [...]

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The Mezquita, Córdoba, Spain

The iconic red and white striped arches are still there, although the original nearly infinite sight lines were destroyed by the addition of Christian tableaux in many of them and a huge Christian Cathedral [...]