beagle strait tierra del fuego argentina

Trying to describe Tierra del Fuego in words can go two directions. Either you can sort of give up and just use photos. Or you can write a book. I take the former. Our Tierra del Fuego guide, Juan Ronco and his partner Federico Ezequiel Gargiulo, went the other direction. Of course they made an epic hike into the wilderness. And we only did a few pretty easy day hikes. Not sure I’m up to the epic approach, but I will heartily embrace the photo approach.

According to the inscription on the wall, I'm at the equator

La Mitad del Mundo

I first went to La Mitad del Mundo the week I got to Ecuador. I was taken there by the family I stayed with for a month while I was first working at the school. They took me there because it was the monument to the site of the equator, and damnit, this is Ecuador, […]

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