Belize Revisited: Caves and Rivers in the Interior

The Black Orchid is Belize's national flower. The blossoms, barely as big as my thumbnail, were so small I thought at first they were spent. These gems were spotted along the New River near [...]

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2013 in 50 Photographs

Kris and I visited 13 foreign countries this year. In order: Spain, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Japan, back to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Our travels within the US [...]

Getting There: Travel Days in Belize and Guatemala

Leroy Fuller sells fish and spots taxis We call them Travel Days, even though you might think all our days are traveling days. On our Travel Days, we are not visiting a place, [...]

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Mayan Tower with Masks, Lamanai, Belize

Several of the pyramidal temples at Lamanai, Belize featured large masks on the facade. Some were well preserved with fiberglass coatings, others, like these, are suffering the ravages of the jungle. Belize, we were told [...]

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Temple of the Masks, Lamanai, Belize

A few of the temples at Lamanai sported large masks on their facades, the first time we've seen this on Mayan ruins. Here, the mask had been walled over by subsequent generations of Mayans, and [...]

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The ATM Cave in Belize is Older Than I Am

Our Irish spelunking companion, Oonagh O'Farrell, and Kris after the cave dive and march out of the jungle. You'll notice the painted faces. Our guide insisted we paint ourselves with the iron oxide rocks [...]

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Crocodile, New River, Belize

We took a 25 mile motor boat trip up the New River in Belize two days ago to get to the semi-remote Mayan ruins site at Lamanai. As we motored, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, [...]

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