Family Photo, Feria de Abril, Sevilla, Spain

Family photo feria de abril seville spainThe Feria de Abril (April Fair) in Sevilla, Spain originated in the Nineteenth Century as a livestock exhibition. It has morphed into a celebration of all things Sevilla. There's a large fairground, which is lined with casetas (little houses) where all of Sevilla society gathers for a week to drink sherry, eat tapas, and celebrate being from Sevilla. Every day, the streets of the fairground feature parades of carriages, with horses decked out in silver and floral finery. And all Sevillian women wear their flamencas, the traditional dress of their Andalusian heritage. The fair is really for Sevillanos. Tourists are allowed into the fairgrounds, but all the casetas, except for a very few open to the public, are private. You can only get into a private one by invitation, which, if you ask me, is a very good reason to make friends with someone from Sevilla.

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