2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers and Other People on the Move

Our holiday gift guide works for armchair travelers, road trippers, daydreamers and jetsetters. Good gift ideas wherever you are, however you travel. Even better if you like to give and receive books.

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The Year in Press Releases: What we didn’t write about in 2017

This is how travelers 50+ hear best. Travel blogging was initially an enjoyable piece of our traveling lifestyle, sharing photos and stories about what we were seeing and doing. Naturally, we started to [...]

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Adventure Travel Trends: Our evolving travel style confirmed by research

The more we travel, the more we seem to arrange our trips around adventure travel–itineraries with activities leading us into wilderness or protected areas and connecting with local communities. We’ve morphed into more active travelers [...]

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Our First Bicycle Tour: Brittany Backroads

Cycling Brittany backroads includes many pastoral views like this. Note: In May, we took a week-long bicycling trip around the northern part of Brittany, France. We’d never done anything like this before; our [...]

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Our Best Overall Travel Tips: Your Checklist for Happy Travels

Our travel tips today are different from our tips three years ago. Products change, we change, and our style of travel is constantly evolving as we vary between adventure travel, house-sitting, road trips, tours, or [...]

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2016 Books and Beds

Jackson Street Booksellers, Omaha In this second annual round-up of the books I’ve read and the beds I’ve slept in, I gotta admit I’m cutting corners on the reading list. Every year, I [...]

Standing in Place: Back Home from Travel

Election day with the Perfect Kid. We live in opposite corners of the same building. Coincidence? For more than six years, we’ve been ‘location independent,’ traveling constantly all over the world, without a [...]

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Under the Weather and On the Road: 13 Ways to Feel Better

Silkworms in Bangkok Four years ago, at about this time of year, I was suffering from a cold or flu, and wrote this post. Judging from the photos, I was in Bangkok. I [...]

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