Annual Travel Insurance Plans Cover Multiple Trips

Miami to MSP along the Florida coast, on our way back from Cuba. Note: This is part of a series of posts we’re writing about travel insurance. Especially among seniors, travel insurance is [...]

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Our Best Travel Camera Equipment

Setting up at sunset at Half Dome at Yosemite National Park.   People often ask, "What is the best travel camera?" The easy answer is the best travel camera is the one you [...]

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Our Gift Guide Part II: Books and Gems, Not Just for Travelers

I May I Might I Must If you will tell me why the fen appears impassable, I then will tell you why I think that I can get across it if I try. -Marianne Moore [...]

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Our Best Overall Travel Tips: Your Checklist for Happy Travels

Consider this your checklist for planning your next trip or your new traveling lifestyle. These eleven practical travel tips apply to all ages and lifestyles, and to short and long term travel.

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2016 Books and Beds

Jackson Street Booksellers, Omaha In this second annual round-up of the books I’ve read and the beds I’ve slept in, I gotta admit I’m cutting corners on the reading list. Every year, I [...]

Three Expert Tips for Sustainable Travel

Lani and Paul with docent Ara Merjian visiting New York's Museum of Modern Art. Paul Bennett, like other subjects of Travel Past 50 interviews, has decades of travel experience and plenty of travel [...]

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The Four Best Travel Shoes for Women

After six years, I've settled on the four types of shoes that suit me best on the road. My relationship with shoes was defined early on. My mother regularly reminded my sister and me not to skimp on shoes; cheap shoes would hurt and not last, she warned us.

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