Advice for your Camino de Santiago

Read all the stories below for lots of tips and advice to make your Camino de Santiago as easy and pleasant as possible. Start with the backpack, and make sure you test it to get the right size for you. Choose your shoes (or boots) and be sure you break them in before you start. Pick the right clothing, as light as possible, while still making sure you are as cool, or as warm, as you need to be. And dry. Don’t forget rain gear. Make sure you get the right underwear that will wick moisture and stay comfortable. Think about how you’re going to carry your water, and how much you’re going to start out with each day. And, don’t forget your first aid kit. You’ll get blisters. Everyone does. Learn how to treat them the right way. In short, these articles will give you everything you need to know about what you’re going to carry on your Camino de Santiago.

Finding Your Rhythm on the Camino de Santiago

How is it that the Camino de Santiago across Spain still captures the individual imagination with some of the hardships and rewards of a wilderness experience, even in the midst of a populated area?

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